Fellowship Program by the Numbers.png

Human Rights Center Fellowship Program: By the Numbers

(Left) For more than 20 years, the Human Rights Center's flagship fellowship program has supported nearly 300 students across the University of California to work with organizations—both international and local in scope—around the world. As part of an alumni outreach initiative, I developed this infographic to present the impact of the fellowship program's lifespan.

For more on the fellowship program, visit: https://www.law.berkeley.edu/research/human-rights-center/student-fellowships/

Clio's Scroll: Modernizing an Academic Journal

Clio's Scroll webpage

(Right) Clio's Scroll's webpage for Spring 2016 issue. When I joined the Editorial Board at Clio's Scroll  in 2015, the journal's website had not been updated in three years. I quickly took on the responsibilities of web development and began concentrating on effective copy, links, and visual design—all of which add to the journal's unique identity.